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[Bv9700pro] My first impressions

Sun Sep 01, 2019 8:39 am

After a short week with the BV9700 pro, here are my first impressions

+ Very good finish, solid appearance
+ Despite its design, the phone is very pleasant to take in hand
+ Fast overall
+ Purified interface, Except icons
+ Management of the double sim improved, it is now possible to have a different ringtone depending on the sim card.
+ Fixed the problem of the voicemail number (problem with the Bv9600pro and android 8.1), it is finally possible to assign a different number for the keyboard shortcut (key1) according to the sim card.

- At the first start, surprised to see the disappearance of the button WPS (wifi), but it's a google decision under android 9, if I understood correctly.
- Battery smaller than the BV9600pro. Before I could use the BV9600pro almost two days, here I am at a big max day. However, the P70 processor is announced as being more economical than the P60 (-30%). The decrease in battery capacity should be offset by the more efficient energy management of the processor, this is not the case.
- Decrease of the battery faster than with the Bv9600pro. Faulty optimization?
- The fingerprint unlocking does not work after recharging (wire or wireless).
- Very slow wireless charge, from 20% to 85% in 8 hours (with W1 blackview wireless charger).
- SOS application crash on opening.
- The updates of the ROM are not very numerous to correct these small defects.

Here are my first impressions

Here is what is missing in my opinion to make the Bv9700pro a must The same body with
- Fixed all the small problems mentioned above
- Screen amoled
- More updates
- Battery of more than 5000 mAh
- And support GNNS Galileo. Surprisingly, this is not already the case, since the P70 should already be able to take care of it

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