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[Quick HowTo] Installing Android 8 (and rooting)

Wed May 29, 2019 12:21 pm


since nobody seems to really care (especially BV crew), I've gathered up simple how-to on installing Android 8.This is unofficial, not supported by anyone (especially BV crew). Use at own risk.

Alright. So I've tried this few times, because I really wanted to try out Android 8, to see whether it is really that bad (bad == image from BV). It is working consistently for me, YMMV. I'm assuming you know how to use SP Flash Tool. I've used some more-or-less up-to-date version for Linux, but any recent will do.

1. Install BV8000Pro_blackview_20171219 from viewtopic.php?f=192&t=213272 via SP Flash Tool (firmware upgrade procedure). This is important, because I've tried few more recent ones and upgrade to Android 8.0 did'nt work.
2. Boot system, skip any setup, it'll get wiped anyway.
3. Upload BV8000Pro_blackview_2018062921 (Android 8.0 image) to your device via USB. (again, from viewtopic.php?f=192&t=213272)
4. Go to Settings->System->About->Software Update->Local update.
5. Phone will reboot, install, reboot, install, reboot etc
6. After everything is done go to Settings and factory reset the device
7. Go through full setup as per needs. Done.

Now if you want to root your Android 8 you need:
1. Download TWRP 3.1.1 by jemini :!lEUwBAzK!OSyygGsLE9UC ... t7ihoWFNWw
2. Flash TWRP via SP Flash Tool (download only procedure).
3. Download Magisk (zipfile, at the time of writing this I used, but look for latest one)
4. Boot phone into TWRP
5. Now this is tricky. TWRP did not recognize my storage of any kind - md-crypted partition did not accept my passphrase I'm normally using for booting my phone. I've used external pendrive formatted into ext2 and OTG cable. I've put Magisk zipfile into there, mounted OTG thing and then used Install option to select the zipfile. Similar to here just with extra step of using mount option for OTGUsb thing.
6. Select Reboot option and you're done.

Now few comments on Android 8. Root is working fine, I was able to install and use Adaway, Xposed. I am greatly disappointed with quality of Android 8.0 image. It is lacking features I really liked about BV 7.0 images - eye protection mode and even more important - Network access controll/firewall are missing. I've noticed few minor instabilities within applications (Touch Pal keyboard crashes constantly). I truly wish BV crew released sources and all the tools possible. I was happy to introduce my friends to the brand, but now, after shitty work that BV does to the community - I'll be very clearly and strongly disrecommending BV brand to anyone. It's sad that something that good went bad so quickly :(
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Re: [Quick HowTo] Installing Android 8 (and rooting)

Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:16 pm

Yes, I'm somewhat disappointed, too. BV could've make a stand by NOT abandoning their older phones and provide a long term support, but they do what everyone else does: Spitting out new models every other month but (security) updates like every other year...
I wonder, if I should even bother to update, but since my phone is out of warranty for a while, I might as well try this, including root. So they decided to remove the NAC/FW, that's ridiculous!

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