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Android 10 Update Files or Firmware avail (BV5500Plus) EU ?

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:37 pm
by DouglasNoel
!!! this could be a duplicate .. already transmiited on Jnauary 3rd 21 -- but can't see any state on this or in count within my profile

I have a (maybe) simple question:

I have bought two BV5500Plus mobiles at the same time in December, a black one and a yellow one.

Surprisingly I had to detect that both phones have a different firmware on board. Different Build Version, different Baseband version, same kernel Version (with different dates)

Is it possible to adjust both phones to the same version? They behave a little bit different in some situations and settings. Both shows "Your phone is uptodate" if trying to apply OTA upates. 

Is there any Stockrom available for downlaod? I've already detected the one from May2020, but found nothing for the one from September 2020, maybe there is even a newer one avalable. If there isn't any other Stock firmware available, is it possible to downgrade the newer one to have at least the same version?

These are the builds: Android10

1) BV5500Plus_EEA_E535_V1.0_20200519V08       (May 2020)
   Android Sec. Update from May, 5th 2020

   Basebandversion: E535_DK_39_Q0_LWTG_V0.0.9_S200507
   !!! Kernel Version: 4.14.141 Tue May 19 20:34:29 CST 2020

2) BV5000Plus_EEA_E535_V1.0_20200902V12       (Sept. 2020)
   Android Sec. Update from August, 5th 2020

   Basebandversion: E535_DK_39_Q0_LWTG_V0.1.4_S200824

   !!! Kernel Version: 4.14.141 Wed Sep 2,  15:31:40 CST 2020

Is it possible to get the Update (or the Stockrom) from the second, September 2020, or even a newer on, from you?
Or do I have to simply wait some weeks until the OTA updates are going to be applied? According to some entries here, there will be an OTA update (planned)

Kind regards