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Tab8 physical keyboard will not connect

Wed Jan 20, 2021 10:07 pm

I purchased the Blackview physical keyboard to go with the Tab8, this for me was a reason to buy the Tab8. The keyboard worked the first time but would not work the second time about a week later when reattached to the Tab8, apparently for no reason as nothing happened either to the Tab8 or the Keyboard in that week.
I send back the original keyboard and bought another Blackview physical keyboard from a different supplier. This also does not work. It seems unlikely that both keyboards could have issues and so for now have to assume is is something with the Tab8. On the Settings one can read that the Physical Keyboard is not connected but there is not much else to check out. The pins on the keyboard and receptor holes on the edge of the Tab8 are all in good condition, clean and are clearly making contact with each other.

What could be causing this that the Tab8 is not seeing the physical keyboard? 
It is not exactly clear where to troubleshoot next. 
Firmware is [Tab8_EEA_P30_V1.0_20201106V06_20201106-0250].

Many thanks to anyone who has an idea.

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