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BV6100 cannot use fastboot

Tue Jun 08, 2021 2:34 pm

Hello, I cannot use fastboot commands on my Blackview BV6100

The bootlaoder is unlocked.

adb works. I can reboot to fastboot with "adb reboot bootloader"

Flashtool works

The phone shows up in device administrator on windows, there are no problems with drivers.

However when I type "fastboot devices" it doesn't get phone serial, and fastboot commands don't work.

Could anyone give me a solution? I need to flash a patched boot, I tried with flashtool but didn't work.

In the past I have used fastboot on other blackview models, never had a problem, to flash boot via commands.

Something strange is happening here, I'm familiar with android and blackview. It seems this phone has some kind of block.

Please help! Thanks in advance.

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