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Never ever 9600Pro, or breach of promises.

Mon Aug 17, 2020 6:48 pm

Advertising department might be strongest department in Blackview Corp.
With my first 9600PRO P60 Android 8, I had some minor problems, so everything fine except other wellknown issues i.e. no upgrades etc.
After 11 months of stable live I took phone into shallow water, and result was that screen touch died within minutes, keys were not longer functional. Very annoying for a phone that shall be advertises with military robustness and then get filled in 10cm of waterbassin. It was not the first time I had it in water.
I opened this damaged phone because I wanted to know the reason. It were not the buttons but found the red seal in the lower right corner was twisted when phone was assembled, why it took 11 months that it went untight I cannot explain, no hard shocks ore pressure or heat.
OK I was satisfied with battery live so ordered a new 9600Pro P70. This phone had problems with magnetic sensor and could not be calibrated. This went back to dealer (blackview over ebay). Return was accepted and I got money back.
Next try, 9600Pro P70. so far everything seemed working, but yesterday it fell from 1,2m onto wooden floor and display was broken, Touch did not work anymore. A 1,2m drop killed my ultra robust phone completly. Thank you Blackview, but I want a phone you show in your clips, falling from rocks and not a sensitive one always has given care on. 

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