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Feedback about P10000 PRO

Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:34 pm

Dear BlackView team,

I would like to provide some feedback about the P10000 PRO.

There is quite a long time I was looking for a phone with decent processor, big screen and big enough battery. Then I found the P10000 PRO and decided to give it a try.

So far my experience with the phone is simply amazing and I would like to provide some feedback for further since I believe my next one will be another BV.
1- TPU case and screen protection - Amazing idea to send the phone with the screen protector already applied and a TPU case. These are the first things I always need to buy and it came standard in the package. Keep doing it.
2 - Performance - So far is great, phone is fast and is good enough for what I do
3 - Build quality - Perfect, nothing to complain here.
4 - Phone design - Only flaw was the missing phone jack, from my point of view could be provided on future phones
5 - Android - It is very similar to the base version, with only a few tweaks and I liked it. Keep that way or even better, put the stock android on upcoming phones

When the time to design the sucessor of P10000 arrives, would you to check with the design team if:
1 - Can we put wireless charger
2 - Put back the headphone jack
3 - Make the audio stereo (the screen is amazing and I like to watch movies on it on bed, having a stereo sound would be awesome)

Thanks a lot and keep creating these massive battery phones. I loved the product.

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Re: Feedback about P10000 PRO

Tue Jul 24, 2018 9:30 pm

Thanks for your feedback and the good things you found on our beloved battery phone ;) we apreciate!

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