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Problems with touchscreen

Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:03 am


I bought two terminals of P6000 in July. Only when they were working for a month in August one of the terminals began to have problems with its touchscreen. At first the touch didn't work correctly when you started the phone, after it lasted some minutes the touch began to work well. This problem was getting worse overtime, we should have wait more time for the touch began to work.

Two weeks later, whe you started the phone, the touch didn't work at the beginning but also the screen began to fail, the images showed by it was blurred, on the same way with the touch you had to wait some minutes for the screen began to work well, and the images weren't blurred.

I contacted with the seller, i told them the issue, and they required me the phone to analize it. I sent them the phone, and after their revision, they say that the screen is broken due to a excesive pressure applied on it by an human, so the warranty doesn't apply on this case. But i'm really sure no excesive pressure has been applied on the phone, otherwise i had changed the screen directly.

The phone was protected with a tempered glass, and a silicon case, and it hasn't had any hit, also any mark can't be observed on it.

Here is a video with the issue: ... 1.3gp?dl=0

Sorry, but i'm really sure that it is a malfunction of the screen, because it was getting worse over time. The phone was protected correctly, and it doesn't make sense that an excesive pressure has been applied on it without a hit. But the warranty doesn't assume it.
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Re: Problems with touchscreen

Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:33 am

Hi, Rodriguez :D
Thanks for your feedback, you have to replace the screen, pls contact our customer service
Tell them the store name and your IMEI, we can help to repair.

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