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Not a Happy Man

Sun Mar 25, 2018 3:02 pm

Ok. First of all, I bought this phone because of its IP68 ruggedness and its 6GB/64Gb specs. Nothing in the sub-$300 segment compares.
But you're rom, as you know, was complete garbage to begin with. SO the fact that I have to jump thru ANY hoops to fix YOUR crappy work is irritating enough!
Now, lets be clear. I am no pro computer geek, but I certainly know my way around a gadget. I have been rooting and flashing since my second Android device, a Dell Streak 7 from T-Mobile circa 2011. I have flashed my Note 2, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Tab Pro, and a few others that I dont recall. Those were ALL flashed multiple times with multiple versions of Android. In fact, my current tablet is the Tab Pro, which launched with Android 4.3, was abandoned by Samsung with 4.4, and today is still quite useful with Android 7.1. Thanks to LineageOS for keeping my Tab viable! My first computer was an ADAM, with a cassette tape data storage. All the way back in 1984! So, computers and me have a long and productive history.

So, when I saw that I had to manually flash my shiny new BV8000 Pro, I was ok with it, expecting that you people would get the OTA working soon if it isn't already fixed, and I would be able to update it like a normal phone.

I have had this phone for 36 hours now, and if we ignore the garbage rom you shipped it with, I love this phone.

So, i say all that to say, wtf people. My phone clearly has an MTK67xx SoC, right? So HY are you directing me to use MK65xx drivers? Especially since I have ALREADY followed your instructions, using the MK65xx drivers, and IT DID NOT WORK. I watched as Windows Device manager loaded then unloaded the device multiple times before it stopped loading it, and the flashing software could not see my device. THEN, I found MK67xx drivers, and tried those. Same problem.
So, I have reset my laptop, installed only Chrome and Grammarly, and am going thru your supposedly great tutorial from the beginning. And the first problem is the possibility of being instructed to use the wrong drivers (MK65xx) instead of the right ones (MK67xx).
So, heres what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna try it again, and hope it works. If not, you are gonna figure out what the problem is, because if i cant take a fully updated BV8000 Pro to work in the morning, I will go back to my LG Stylo 3 and buy a Samsung phone. I really want this to be a great phone for me, but the garbage you passed off as a good and usable rom makes me wonder if YOU want this to be a great phone.
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Re: Not a Happy Man

Tue Mar 27, 2018 7:44 pm

Just strictly follow our tutorial and everything willl work smoothly ;)
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Re: Not a Happy Man

Wed Mar 28, 2018 7:28 am

Which Windows version are you using? This is an important thing to know in order to help you better.

Regarding drivers, I didn't install MT65XX, nor MT67XX drivers. I've been using Mediatek based phones for years (since I got my first Chinese android phone back in 2009) and I still use generic adb drivers I've been able to use with older and newer Mediatek chips.

One way to get those drivers installed is using an app called PdaNet. Back in the days, we used that app to get tethering working on Android phones (which is now built in) but the great thing about it is that it bundles a package with generic adb drivers from Google, which can help you with your problem. If you download the app from and install the generic drivers, you might get it working. Then, you can just uninstall PdaNet.

Also, in my experience, in order to flash this phone, and most Mediatek based ones, it's easier to use SP Flash Tool, rather than the app mentioned in the tutorial. The firmware files are the same, just the app is different. You can follow the instructions here and you'll be able to flash the phone to the version you want:

By the way, Samsung phones are not inmune to trouble. I had to manually flash and recover many Samsung phones from friends. And usually, Samsung stops updating via OTA after less than 1 year, and that happens on most of their flagship and not so flagship phones. I'm not saying that Balckview is better than Samsung, or the other way around, but, if you like rooting, flashing and all that, you'll have trouble with any smartphone brand. If you just keep your phone untouched from day one, you'll probably have less trouble with a Samsung on LG phone, but will also be paying 3 times the price of a Blackview phone.
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Re: Not a Happy Man

Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:58 pm

Hi, me too have the same problems with drivers.
First, for update my firmware clean to 2018-03-08, follow all the instruction for flash by SPMD tool, nothing to do, 600s .... 750s . stop all and go to try to flash with SP flash tools, phone not recognized from SP , googled for drivers correct for my MTK67xx and... somthing go wrong and my phone bricked!
6 hours desperation with my sim on my old BV5000 with screen kracked (gorilla glass??) and for the first time SP flash tools recognized my phone and need to format all + download . (but not with the android 7.0 , exactally tryed to install android 8.0 from Needrom).
After my phone resurrected, try first with SPMD tool to install correct rom, but also this time don't go. But with SP i can safetly have my phone on the way.
This was 2 days ago...
.... the only positive think in this history is that the phone, actually, don't restart by itself random.
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Re: Not a Happy Man

Sat Oct 13, 2018 5:33 am

I do not understand.
I flashed my 8000 pro under windows 7 and windows 10 without problems
Only i use a universal MTK Drivers

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