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Prevent outgoing sms delivery report to call center.

Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:54 pm

Hello everyone?

I am an owner of BV8000pro, does anyone know, where is the sms delivery report is set in firmware, and how to change it?

I`m sure it can be done, and here is why: 

Sender sets to receive delivery notice for sent sms, when he sends sms it goes to call/sms center, then to your phone, if your phone is overloaded with sms, the call/sms center will receive a notice from your phone that the message was not delivered, so call/sms center doesn`t send positive delivery report, or sends a non delivery report, or in rare cases will tell the sender that the sms was not delivered due to out of memory for sms on the recipient`s phone . So for sure it can be done, the question is where and how, and could it be done so the message would go through, but the report would be negative for the sms center and the sender. And if you could set it for a specific number, that would be awesome! 

It has been done here, but just by changing sms memory overload parameter, in this case no sms can be received at all: 

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