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BV9600Pro no mobile data?

Sun Jun 20, 2021 7:07 pm

My son's Blackview works flawlessly in all respects except for mobile data. On WiFi, all services are fine. When I put my own SIM into the phone, again, no problems (German SIM, connected to Luxembourgish Tango network) but with my son's Luxembourgish Tango SIM in the phone, there is no mobile data service available. When I put his SIM into my phone (Samsung S10 5G), there are no problems.
So, the handset works, and his SIM has data working, but the combination of his SIM in his Blackview, no data!
I have literally no clue why this might be!
Can anybody help, please?
I've tried rebooting, with and without airplane mode on, I've tried messing with APN, but nothing I have done so far has worked at all..!
Thanks in advance.

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