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BV7000 fingerprint scanner issue

Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:41 am


Not had my BV for long, its been doing the job fairly well but my fingerprint scanner has stopped, at first it was an intermitant issue but then got worse until it stopped all together, checked the diagnostics and its does not seem to think it has the functionality at all. Tried resetting the handset but still nothing, anyone got any ideas? Or do I give in and contact the seller for return under warranty?


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Re: BV7000 fingerprint scanner issue

Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:04 pm

I know this issue as an software bug in early firmware versions. So you could try to update to the latest firmware ( viewtopic.php?f=188&t=201430 ) and perform a wipe/factory reset* after that.

* wipe data/factory reset in recovery (this will delete your data/settings):
- Power off and then press Power and Volume-up together for around 10 Seconds
- be sure that the little arrow point on recovery (select with volume up, enter with volume down)
- Then the open android with red triangle+"no command" is shown - press Power and Volume up together again
- Select Wipe data/factory reset with volume keys, confirm with power
- After factory reset select reboot system now

Please report if this solved your issue or not.

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