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P2 lite problems

Mon Jul 17, 2017 6:33 pm

As my previous post was not allowed, possibly due to my explicitly stated opinion on the competence and support from the company, I'll now try to be more polite. I have the following problems and would like to know when and if there will be a solution, or just bullshit talk.

The phone has the latest update from 22.6.2017. Tried recovery and wipe all data and all such nonsense. I use mobile phones since 1997 and smartphones - since 2009, I know already a lot about them, except the most technical stuff.

Problems after 2 weeks of attempted use:

1. The microphone does not work
2. The battery lasts a little bit over a day with some use, obviously not much use, as the device is useless because of other problems as well. It stays at 100% for a while then suddenly drops to 39% - that was in the beginning, now is dropping to 60-70s% which is an improvement somehow
3. Upon charging, if the soft silicon case is on, the back heats up too much - up to the point of melting the case
4. The phone connects to some WiFi routers, and does not connect to others, working on the same band and with the same type of security, even the same producer and model, there is no reason and logic for that. Anyway WiFI speed is very slow, compared to other phones, but may be related to teh overall sluggishness of the device itself
5. Upon rotation the image shifts to 1/4 of the size of the display and after a while stretches to full screen. I have the impression that the firmware was designed for another phone with display with 4 times lower resolution and 2.5 times less capacity battery - i. e. a standard cheap smartphone. The phone operates like it has 1GB of memory.
6. Memory intensive apps do not work or crash - Skype does not work, Facebook is very slow or crashes, exactly the way if the the phone thinks it has 1GB of memory instead of the 3 GB it has. The lighter versions - Facebook lite and Whatsapp work
7. The Android version is still 7.0 a very buggy one which was immediately upgraded by Google

There were probably a few others, but can't remember now.

The seller from AliExpress is waiting a promised solution from the factory, it did not arrive when promised, still I am waiting and would like to know, will there be any work done on rectifying these issues or to put the device to the best use of leveling some unstable old wardrobe?
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Re: P2 lite problems

Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:13 am

update to the latest Firmware and perform a factory reset in recovery after that.

wipe data/factory reset in recovery (this will delete your data/settings):
- Power off and then press Power and Volume up together for around 10 Seconds
- be sure that the little arrow point on recovery (select with volume up, enter with volume down)
- Then the open android with red triangle+"no command" is shown press Power and Volume up together again
- Select Wipe data/factory reset with volume keys, confirm with power
- After factory reset select reboot system now

Please report if this solved your issue or not.
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Re: P2 lite problems

Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:41 pm

If the microphone issue is not solved by updating to the latest firmware and perform a factory reset it is a hardware issue and the micrphone must be exchanged. please contact your seller for that.

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