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Numerous Flaws with BV9700Pro

Sun Sep 15, 2019 6:20 pm

1) Device essentially requires a babysitter to function. Cannot stream music or sleep tones because as soon as the display screen goes off, so does the stream. Cannot download from Google Play unless you download one app at a time and stay on that app's page. To auto-update apps, you have to sit there with the updates list and keep the screen active.

2) Fails to auto-update Google Play apps on its own.

3) Fails to load Amazon Appstore apps.

4) Fails to login to apps or websites using Facebook.

5) Wastes battery by turning on WiFi and searching for WiFi, entirely on its own, no matter how many times you turn the WiFi off.

6) Fails to show any or very few notifications from apps on the notifications section of the screen.

7) Fails to auto-update notifications when connected to the network, until after you initiate some kind of send or search via the network, and then there's an instant flood of notifications; many are old, redundant and previously cleared.

8) This phone is ridiculously slow, even on high-speed internet connections, including 4G LTE and WiFi.

9) Hotspot frequently seems to randomly drop its output signal, as well as somehow causing the cell signal to drop, even when literally looking at the cell tower to which you are connected and have max signal.

10) Display brightness auto-adapts even though it shouldn't.

With so many of these issues, I can't even recommend this phone because people who check it out comment that it's like using Dial-up.

There's literally no way this phone has the stated hardware because if it did, it would blow my LG Stylo 4 away, when connected to the same high-speed network.

This phone is slower than my "inferior" Amazon Fire 10 HD tablet, and nearly as slow as my 1st Generation Anyone Fire 8 HD tablet.

--> I'm looking to see if other folks are seeing these same issues.

--> I'm looking to see if anyone has tips on hidden settings or fixes.

On the upside, the phone has great memory, very good battery life, feels rugged, has decent sound, but most of all, everyone has been impressed with the camera and the quality of the pictures, especially in Night mode, without the night vision camera; spectacular pictures that are superior to those taken with a flash.
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Re: Numerous Flaws with BV9700Pro

Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:19 am

1-4): Check if you limit your app in Smart Assistance
5:  It's available for you to make a video about WIFI working?
6-7): Did you add your apps in White List?
8): May I know the speed?
9): We will fix this next update.
10): Turn off Adaptive brightness in Settings

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