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Blackview B-Vlog Contest

Wed Sep 04, 2019 6:53 am

[Blackview & Me]
No language restrictions, no boundary of gender, no matter what you do. Come and join this contest if you have a Blackview rugged phone!
Here are some themes for your reference: 
Outdoor & Blackview;
Adventure &Blackview;
Life & Blackview[font=微软雅黑];[/font]
Work & Blackview;
Sports & Blackview
You can also post your creative idea, express any opinion or suggestion to Blackview. 
We will pick the most popular videos and post them on our YouTube Channel. Your video can be watched by our global subscribers.
8.30  Publish the contest on social media
9.2  Launch the contest officially
11.2  Update top 50 videos on our channel every day
12.2  Stop collecting videos
12.5  Publish result
12.6  Send prize to winners
Champion : $4000
Second-place : $2000
Third-place: $1000
Innovation Award : $200
Post your video on any social media(Like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VK, TikTok...) Tag#Blackview. Follow our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK let me see your work faster. You can also ask your friends to share your video to get more Likes.
(For TikTok users: send your link to if you post any video on TikTok)
We will not accept any contribution after 12.2nd. The final jury is our global users, their Likes and Posts are your grades.
The final 50 excellent videos will be posted on our website (If there are any superior works, we will update the rank before 12.2nd). 
Champion video: Get the most Views
Second-place: Get the most Posts
Third-place: Get the most Likes
No copy no borrowed. If anyone obeys rules, we will recall the prize and make an announcement. If this causes the loss of any third party, the competitor should take all relative legal responsibilities.
All Videos shouldn’t be transferred or licensed to any commercial entity other than the sponsor.
All competitors should be the legal owner of Blackview phones, be fully responsible for it.
The sponsor has the right to post and promote all videos(we will note the author).
The organizer reserves the right to final interpretation of the contest.

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