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BV 7000 Pro unofficial end of support reached!

Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:34 am

As there is no official activity from Blackview within this part of the forum and support requests are not answered from Blackview it seems that we now have reached the unofficial end of support...

No fix for the Blueborn security issue which was published in September last year.
No fix for Spectre security issue which was published to the chip manufacturers in June last year.
No fix for a heap of smaller issues reported by users.
No support from Blackview since end of November (as measured by postings from Blackview_Admin).

I thought that the BV7000Pro would stay within support longer than a couple of months since first shipment to customers, but Blackview prooved what some users are saying since longer: they got what they wanted - your money - no interest in the buildup of any customer retention...

So let's all go out and warn the people never to buy a Blackview phone because with a Blackview phone you are left alone...
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Re: BV 7000 Pro unofficial end of support reached!

Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:12 pm

Even if it looks good and the technical specifications are top, the technical support is pathetic. Software-related signals are well-known, but what about hardware? The trouble light sensor, the microphone the same, I have problems with the touchscreen, plus the BeautySnap spyware, also reported on other forums. In my country, this is enough to return the phone even after a year and recover the money. Because I have a 2-year warranty ... Believe me, I'll start a campaign against Blackview products all the more so as the phone was bought for a top bussines company. The spyware software installed on the phone without our consent is enough to sue Blackview

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