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BV7000Pro short review (2+ years in use)

Sun Feb 23, 2020 9:40 am

Hello Comminity,

I wanted to share my opinion about BV7000Pro and the positive and negative sides of owning a Blackview Phone.

The story started in Nov 2017 with Amazon's Black Friday.
I was without a smart phone for several months earlier and I saw an unknown brand of phone which was rugged , IP68 certified and the price was way lower than the 'CAT' series I have seen here in Bulgaria.

I just decided to take the risk , knowing that Amazon have outstandig service and will give my money back if something went wrong.

The phone was well boxed , but my first thought that came to my mind was:
'Who the hell needs 2 rubber covers for the SIM slot, while the charging port has only 1 rubber cap?'
This is one of the few non-positive things on the phone.

Outcome (after 2 years of use):
Battery life: Quite good even after those 2 years.
I have few apps in the background - Viber & mail client. Facebook and the other **** are locked when not needed.
My phone survives the day with at least 1 hour of browsing (display is hugest consumer) , 20 min of email reading and at least 5 min of phone calls.

Display: No issues here - just like day 1 . The phone has been dropped several times on the display and it survived . Quite positive feelings here.
It would be quite nice if Blackview could attach the screen protector in the factory - currently my protector has some bubbles, but it's doing the job.
My friends still hear me well, so it has passed the time test. The mic hole is collecting a lot of dust and cleaning up is quite risky, so I had to be extremely careful.
It would be nice if there was a cleaning kit from Blackview that can be used without the risk of damaging the microphone. Yet, I can't be negative on this one.
Back Speaker:
After a drop , the speaker stopped working and I was on the verge to get it back. My colleague decided to give it a sharp shake (no banging in anything) in the opposite direction - and the speaker was back. It still works , so I can be neutral here.
Front Speaker:
Works as usual and no issues so far. Quite positive here.
Front proximity sensor:
Sometimes when I do a call, I realize that I'm currrently muted . It seems that either the sensor or the software do not realize that the phone is next to my ear and the touch screen should be disabled.
I wouldn't mention this if it had happened once or twice - but this happens at least every 5th call.
I'm a little negative here.
Front and Back Cameras:
Work flawlesssly and no issues with that so far.
The Metallic guard on the back camera has taken some scratches, but the camera was well protected. Positive on this one.
Sadly I had some issues with these. Most often the phone get turned off, or the camera button were pressed when I put them in my bag.
I'm a little bit negative here.
Design is quite good and solid. The durability is above expectations or any certification (the phone survived a drop drom 180cm height without isssues (this has happened after the issue with the rear speaker). The metal on the back is a good radiator for the CPU without causing any discomfort.
The bottom plug (charging port) has no replacement and I have once lost and accidently found it (the rubber cap is no longer part of the body). For a phone with a charging port (sadly we got no wireless charging), it would be nice to have a easy to replace cap. Also wireless charging cannot charge the phone so fast and keep the price low - so do not understand me wrong -> charging port is OK, one cap -> no.
Second cap for the SIM has never been used, so it's a waste of material and unnecessary.
The combination of rubber and metal is heavier than other smartphones, but they lead to better protection - so I'm quite positive on this one.
Charging Kit:
The phone's cable stopped working in just 6 months. The side that is being plugged into the phone got a bad connection and a friend of my soldired it back. It's not normal the cable go defective in such a short time, and a replacement was very hard to find due to the lenght of the connector. So I'm negative on this one.
Adapter get's heated up during charging but this is expected - no issues here - so I'm quite positive here.
When I opened the box, I noticed some adapters for different cable ports and these were extremely useful - Keep it up this way! Extremely positive on this one.
I have mixed feelings here. From one side Android 7 is not so old and the feature to lock the programs is quite good and very helpful. On the other side - we got no updates since eons , and that is not so good.
The android's keyboard buttons are too small and for my big fingers - that's causing a lot of typos. Maybe I'm spoiled with the hardware keyboard I had on the previous phone.
Here no company can beat BlackView - outstanding price/performance ratio. Extremely positive on this one.

Extremely well built phone , with small drawbacks that can sometimes make you pissed off. The fact that when you call, you can press some buttons with your ear is not good - so BV please do something on that one !
Software is OK, no bloatware to remove and the locking app is quite useful - keep it the same, just provide some security updates once a year .
Durability is outstanding, but I never had 'the honour' to test the phone in water and I have no plans to intentionally drop it in a pond or something like that.

My next phone will be from Blackview and I'm really sorry I missed the Christmas deal for the new flagman.

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