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Re: bv6000s volume troubles

Mon Apr 13, 2020 6:52 am

blzr wrote:
I bought a BV6000s for my mother who is hard of hearing and only now do I find out that this phone is notorious for low volume.  I feel like an idiot.  This is the worst possible problem she could have with a phone.  I purchased the phone in JANUARY (from one of the blackview ebay stores out of Kentucky) and only opened it a few days ago.  I am SUPER angry that I was sold a discontinued phone.  I paid $130 for this outdated, buggy piece of crap.  I could tolerate an old Android version, but this low volume problem is UNACCEPTABLE.

The admin here says we should put a MAGNET on the speaker and wash it with warm water?!  Are you high on drugs or what??!?!  I'm not sticking a magnet or warm water anywhere near this thing, because I bet that voids the warranty, if there even IS a warranty.

I bought a BV5500 pro for myself and it is LOUDER THAN A JET ENGINE, so there is obviously a huge problem with the BV6000s.  I am reading here that basically all of them suffer from this, so what is Blackview going to do about it??

Another admin post tells us to buy a new speaker from aliexpress??!  This phone is BRAND NEW.  I should not have to do SURGERY on it right out of the box.  If anyone is going to pay for a replacement speaker or microphone, it should be Blackview; not the customer!

I have also read from other users on this forum that there is insulation and clumps of solder blocking the speakers or the microphone??  Look, there is no way I should have to take this thing apart just because of Blackview's manufacturing incompetence.. so what do you suggest I do now?

I have entered Engineer Mode and set everything to max volume and now it's BARELY loud enough to be usable.  The speaker phone works well enough but my mother can't even hear the text message notification when the phone is sitting on the couch RIGHT NEXT TO HER, yet she can hear my BV5500 from 2 rooms away!!

The truth is that all of these BV6000s are DEFECTIVE and should have been recalled.  Better yet-- they never should have left the factory like this!!

I think I bought one of the LAST ones and frankly I feel SCAMMED BY BLACKVIEW.  This thing is definitely NOT worth $130 in this condition.  It's not even worth HALF that with this problem.  Looks like I have to buy ANOTHER phone, so that I can send this one back, because I can't have my mother without a phone for weeks just so the stupid eBay seller can take their sweet time issuing a refund.

This phone is a disaster.  Really solid physical design but REALLY POOR QUALITY CONTROL.  I hope that whoever approved this thing out the door was fired.

I don't want to hear any answers that involve your MAGNET and WARM WATER VOODOO TRICKERY.. I GUARANTEE THAT WILL DO NOTHING.  GIVE ME A REAL ANSWER.

May I know when did you purchase this product or you can contact our the after-sale department:

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