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Backup Phone content without screen

Tue Mar 10, 2020 10:23 am

Hey Guys,

I have some very bad news about my BV6000. It had some impact by falling after which the screen is completely black.
The phone is still working (sounds and vibrations work), I had the screen replaced but still nothing.

Now the thing is, I have some crucial data on this phone's internal memory (recordings) and am trying to get access to my phone.
I had USB debugging enabled, before the black screen, so I didn't expect this to be a problem.
However I can't use this, due to having to grant access on the phone screen when connected to a device, which I can't since I can't see anything or press anything.

Is there a tool available to save the contents on my phone?

Kind regards
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Re: Backup Phone content without screen

Wed Mar 11, 2020 2:23 pm

you can use SP Flash Tool to extract your data
Read back userdata.img from EMMC_USER starting from 0xf9000000 and with a size of 0xc0000000

And then access your data with Linux reader

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