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I can't connect my blackview bv8000 pro to my PC it just charges

Wed Dec 25, 2019 7:10 pm

I wanted to get twrp on my phone but I needed the MTK drivers while I was downloading then and installing them, I click the wrong button in fit of anger because the SPflash tool isn't working that wrong button was the uninstall in the device manager and it's been at least 10 hours ago.
what was I doing the 10 hours after that happened, I was looking for drivers to help but nothing works, I've installed cdc drivers, I've installed mediatek drivers, i've install every driver listed on every help page I could find and still no dice so I'm making a desperate move and asking for help on this matter, which I'm almost sure will never get answered but alas.
and now if I try to connect my phone to a computer it just charges and no USB debugging is ON message or the choose a transfer option appears I've tried going to developer options and selecting MTP but to no avail, I've restarted my computer a lot for one day of normal work, I've restarted the phone countless times as well but still nothing works, every famous outlet for help asks to contact the manufacturer about the issue, I have rebooted my phone into factory mode and into recovery mode but still nothing works, so if you are willing to help I thank you sincerely

yours truly inpain
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Re: I can't connect my blackview bv8000 pro to my PC it just charges

Thu Jan 02, 2020 9:37 am

I'm very sorry that this phone has such a issue.
I think you'd better contact our professional after-sales directly.
After-sales email:
Have a nice day!

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