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Re: How to downgrade firmware.

Thu Aug 15, 2019 8:21 am

csewell wrote:
carabao wrote:
Why are you talking about email or captcha?  The only limitation of this forum is that it takes a certain number of messages before you can post and send private messages without restrictions.

csewell:Actually to download anything from the site I think you need to sign up. The sign up captcha is numeric but it's spelled in Russian and doesn't translate which makes signing up difficult. This site might help: ... l.html?m=1
It still took me a long time to solve the captcha.

This :) but I know how the issue of captcha works, I have achieved it once, but then I got an error with the email, I don't know if outlook does not allow the web. And it started again, and it was desperate for what I finally gave up

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