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no internet after V01_20170708

Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:17 am

Hello all,

a couple of days ago I've decided to reset my bv6000 pro and now ... I'm without internet! I mean that wifi works well but for what concerns 3G/4G, no way to get or to send a bit or a packet!

I've tried everything: activating data connection before on main sim, then on secondary one, taking both sim out, cleaning them and putting them back at their place, deleting APN configurations and rewriting them from carrier info page, switching to airplane mode, then re-switching to normal mode ... nothing to do.

After swiping the phone I've found V01_20170708 but I don't think it's matter of that update, since before it was working.
Anyone can help?


Don't ask me how, but now I've been able to have secondary sim working; I suppose it was apn problem because I've requested to carrier an autoconfiguration message. No way, for the moment, to have primary sim working.

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