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Crashed display

Wed Oct 04, 2017 4:36 am

I bought the bv7000pro device because it is resistant, after 4 months I fell a tumble with it in hands since it was using the flashlight and the screen simply shattered and it does not work. I was upset because I thought it would be more resistant. Two months ago I bought one bv6000 s to a friend for liking the device but now I am in doubt if something similar will not happen. I would like to know if you have spare screen and dysplay for shipping and how do I get the pieces. Very upset because I bought the view after collecting the money and now I have no cell phone to use at work.I can not contact 'contact us' and I do not know how to speak English for Skype. shows this"
E-mail failed to send" in chinese.
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Re: Crashed display

Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:11 pm

Sorry to hear this. No phone is absolutely unbreakable and I fear your seller will not exchange a phone broken by yourself (but you can try).

You could buy a new screen from platforms like aliexpress. I suggest a complete front part with lcd+touch because it is easier to install: ... isrefine=y

If you are not able to install the screen ask at a local repair store. Like the exchange part it should not cost much money.

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