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GPS very sluggish and inaccurate?

Sat Apr 23, 2016 3:44 pm

hi all,
I had a Xiaomi Mi4i until the screen broke when dropping it which brought me back into the world of tough phones. Love the hardware of the BV5000 and phone and wifi reception are spectacular! The Mi4I doesn't even get close to the signal strength detected on my new phone!

However, and this baffles me a bit, the GPS reception or speed is really bugging me.

On every phone I owned I use GPS navigation EVERY SINGLE DAY going to and from work (mainly for the traffic update). With the Mi4i i practically have never (I am sure this not true but it is the perception I had) had incorrect positioning, missing a turn or placing me off course by 200+ meters.

With the BV5000 this is an ongoing issue. It seems as it always takes a couple of seconds (!) to know where I currently am, frequently thinks I am going straight when I had just turned off by 90 degrees and frequently misplaces my by some 200 m left or right of my actual position. This is in open country but you can imagine that navigation within city limits become impossible! I have activated all the location enhancing features like wifi positioning, cell phone tower assistance, etc. you name it.

So I am raising this question, if other users have a similar experience and more importantly, is there a fix?

Or could it be that this all relates back to the installed but non-functioning compass (that maybe somehow throws off Google maps)?

Looking forward to feedback and tips in how to fix this on an otherwise awesome (!) phone!


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