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Help! White screen

Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:03 am

I bought Balckview Ultra a6 phone on site at saler GEHK. The phone has been with OS Y810. After the update via Wi fi, telephone involved with a white screen. By the sounds clear that the phone is working, but the display is white. In search of the firmware I found this (!BEs3Sbpb!td_tLn-YhLsX ... yXx7zD_MPQ). This firmware(Y811) was established and the screen began to show, but the battery is not charged. It became clear that the display driver is not approached. I found out that a working display driver firmware used 0-hx8394a_dsi. To solve my problem I need the firmware 810 with the working screen. All links on the Internet, do not give the working result. As with off. site and with others. One solution is to learn from saler firmware version, which was established during the sale. But he did not go to the contact ((

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