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can we please get the sourcecode

Fri May 13, 2016 10:06 pm

Seeing how Crown is now discontinued and there will be no updates can we get the source to the Crown kernel so we can build CM12.1 and CM13?
I tried porting CM12.1 from a kingzone and cubot devices (they have released the source) with mixed success the Cubot rom worked well but the camera was stuck in 5M resolution and the screen leeched the battery dry, the kiingzone rom had hardware issues almost none of the sensors worked :(
Crown has good hardware it would be a shame not to use newer android on it.
it's also disappointing mediatek released lollypop for mt6582 but not for mt6592

My device is relatively new and is still under warranty, I was a total noob when I got my blackview I love the quality of the hardware just disappointed it's abandoned this is my first android device.

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