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Exposed! The“SPACE CAPSULE” rugged phone Blackview BV5900 leaked some pictures

Mon Aug 12, 2019 10:19 am

New“spy” photos of the Blackview BV5900 were released yesterday. According to the leaked pictures, you can clearly get that its water-drop screen, smooth curves on the four corners.
Those sharp eyes may notice that close to the screen, the frame sticks out a little bit more than the screen, about 1mm thicker. It can’t be any good reason for being that. Let's take a guess -- it may be for improved toughness, providing extra protection for the screen, or for other purposes. It’s really not sure. One reassuring thing, however, is that the 1mm more thickness makes little difference for the overall aesthetics as it’s not obvious.
Now the most intriguing part is the back. Previously, Blackview released one publicity photo. It’s said that the design is inspired by the space capsule, presenting a very cool and futuristic look.
Now you can see clearly from the leaked pictures the space capsule’s iconic lines that seeking the ultimate balance of aesthetics and engineering sophistication. The dual rear camera located on the upper side.
Of course, BV5900, as a rugged outdoor phone, the appearance is far from the killer features. Waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof performance is the focus for Blackview fans. So will there be an increase in the tri-proof performance? Just stay tuned for more information to be released by Blackview.

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