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BV9600E issues(waterproofness and battery life)

Sat Jun 27, 2020 12:59 pm

I know it's an E, not the Pro, but close enough still, and I don't believe the issues I've been having are due to minor software and hardware differences as they are both based on common hardware. Feedback has already been sent just earlier today but there hasn't been an email reply yet so I hope to hear some user input.
First, the waterproofing seem to have...issues.Primarily there are clearly water droplets behind the flashlight window.No way to tell if it's just a minor localized problem around the camera assembly as I haven't ripped the back plate of yet. I've only dunked the phone in like 4 inches deep soapy water for half a minute every other day, which should, per the IP68 rating, not ingress into the phone.
Second, the battery life seems to have shortened significantly after the phone rebooted itself last time after another rinse. I mostly run Chrome, YouTube, and some other video/conferencing apps for the better part of the day. Before the rebooting, the phone should last approximately two days of work-hours of Chrome, YouTube,Zoom,and the occasional gaming session.Now the battery prediction(assuming same rate of discharge for the same apps being run) has gone to somewhere between ten to forteen hours from full to nil(6-10%charge per hour,from my observations).This issue is quite noticeable and abrupt as I never liked my batteries under 50%,even if it'll still have several hours of runtime left.
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Re: BV9600E issues(waterproofness and battery life)

Sun Jul 26, 2020 5:32 pm

your battery drain problem is almost certainly a rogue app. i had this also, and not wanting to identify the app, i just reset the phone. that solved it. after charging, i was losing only 1 percent in 3 hours. if you don't want to reset your phone, try starting the phone in safe mode. if the battery performs as it should, you'll have to start removing apps

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