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Re: Upgrade to Android 9.0 for P60 version

Wed Sep 18, 2019 10:02 am

Thanks for informing.
Currently I'm vacation.
But after my return I'll analyze the situation. I belive we can change the scatter file for the first flash operation to include the modem partition.
Question: it is possible after upgrade to 9.0 return to 8.1?
Of course based on a full read back from actual 8.1 firmware.
The removing for red sign about opening the bootloader is a good idea, but should be possible with a normal factory reset or not?
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Re: Upgrade to Android 9.0 for P60 version

Thu Sep 19, 2019 9:38 am

serg2327 wrote:
Oragoog wrote:
What is the reason for the second reflash of preloader?

The version I posted for the first revision is not official! based on android_9 from the second revision, I just adapted the software for the first revision, that's all!
I don’t impose my software on anyone, they might like to have android_9 on the bv9600 of the first revisions. I managed to do this and I described the installation instructions and also posted the adapted firmware.
I don’t intend to explain the action from my instructions. It is extremely difficult for me to do this because I don’t know English. If you know Russian, write me in qms and I will explain why!!
But I think that the main result and not why everything needs to be done this way and not otherwise ... if you find a simpler method for installing software for the first revisions(and so that everything works), I think everyone will be happy about it :roll:

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