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Re: Upgrade to Android 9.0 for P60 version

Fri Jul 24, 2020 5:48 am

Marek85, yeah as Serge says, he is the master after all! I used his links in the first place and continued to browse that Russian PDA forum. They are pretty hardcore modders over there. If you browse using google to translate the pages it is mostly legible. (Or maybe you speak fleunt Russian). There are links to the various solutions posted on the various issues. The site is well organised. Once I understood the steps it was easy.

The phone does seem to do most things like it should now. I'm still a bit suspect of background activity. Quite often I'll take my phone out of my pocket, unlock and suddenly 'receive' a couple of notifications. But it does ok. Although DS Photo doesn't manage to autostart photobackup. It still decides it is in silent or vibration mode when it feels like it (even when it clealy shows it is in ringer mode and the volume is show set correctly). And I have some connectivity probs - if I leave it in 4G preferred mode it doesn't connect to my home 3G femtocell, it prefers to sit patiently waiting for a 4G mast to be erected in a nearby field! And a power on/off is still required to resolve the various quirks once every few days. BUT, I do manage to use it now.

Good luck,

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