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Re: BC9500

Fri Sep 20, 2019 10:43 am

Cilone wrote:
True. But the foam pads i believe are more durable than the silicon itself. i don't know about the resistance and durability specs of the sanitary silicone since depending on the environement it may be subjected to some extreme temperature and loose sealing efficiency in the long time... while the only problem of the foam may be the glue loosing... but until you don't open the backcover, the sealing effect should be guaranteed...
Anyway: silicone is better if you use more in a wet or underwater environemet, while foam is better against dust, shocks and extreme temperatures...

There is no way the foam would act better than silicone rubber. Silicone by itself is high temp resistant. Thereis also a silicone rubber type that can be applied even underwater (with a slightly bigger price). The only problem with it is that you need to figure out the proper amount to be applied. Although it's not a recommended solution, I used silicone rubber to seal the lids of an engine oil chamber in a car, with great results. That oil gets to a pretty high temperature... I would, and in a relatively short time I will, use the silicone to seal my usb and 3.5mm jack ports on my phone. I just need to get the time to inspect and repair the cable that is used by the pressure sensor.

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