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Re: SIM/TF-Card cover screw too thin: breaking off

Tue Jan 08, 2019 4:06 pm

blackview_admin wrote:
Perrko wrote:
I wish I could get an answer also with information on how to send the phone back.
But I will keep trying sending Kelly emails, how there can be only 2? people taking care of things like this is beyond me. They probably get lots of emails during one day.

you'll have to be patient :)

You laughing with US?

I am the owner of three of your company's #blackview products. #BV8000pro #BV9000pro (not F) and #BV9500pro.....
The problems in all three phones are unacceptable. Shame a lot of pity for you !!! Your service is disassembled and unfortunately no help is given to the people who supported you. But it seems you are not very interested in this. You lost another client....
You're simple......TRAGIC !!!!!

Best Regards and Happy New Year

No sense to go off topic here. I'm now closing this thread.

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