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Questions for the Admin

Thu Aug 30, 2018 4:19 am

Came across this link here

Is this actually Blackview shop from Blackview company because there are some questionable answer.
Please can you confirm for us that phone is IP68 as answered in QA and what version of Gorilla glass it has as per QA.

  • Is this phone waterproof/ip68, if so what are the exact specs? Also, does it work on U.S. networks?
    From Mitchell at 5/31/2018 9:05 AM
  • A:
    Blackview Mobile:
    Thank you for your mail.
    Blackview P10000 Phone support waterproof and IP68 Function,and support working on U.S Network.

  • Q:
     Hi, does this product features any corning gorilla glass? Also I noticed that this product is in the "IP68" section of your website but the description doesn't say anything about it, so is it waterproof or not? thanks :)
    From Israel at 5/28/2018 6:51 PM
  • A:
    Blackview Mobile:
    Thank you for your mail.
    Blackview P10000 Pro Phone come with Gorilla Glass Screen and support IP68 Waterproof function.

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Re: Questions for the Admin

Fri Aug 31, 2018 9:36 am

Hi there.

The shop you linked is not ours. This is a reseller.
You can find our official shop here:

The phone comes with Gorilla Glass 3, but lacks ip68 certification. It's not recommended to sink it!

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