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BV9000Pro official ROM download links

Sat Dec 23, 2017 2:58 am

For BV9000Pro devices equipped with the new Full-HD+ display:
BV9000Pro_FHD_blackview_V0.5_20180119  Android 7.1
Optimizes the Face Unlock (available at night), add the input method and toolbox.!L34x0AyC!p3rs3TNfIAdg ... tlMW09ak08

Also released via OTA. Made the device Google approved.!4T5DDLSZ!t6cvrt4Set4u ... qIdLnaZ1WE

Optimizes the problem of Russian phone calls and sound effect.!ejw1Xbzb!zN1ZzJLw0EIM ... 04rg2qrxbE

For BV9000Pro devices equipped with an HD+ display:

Implemented facial recognition, optimized the shutdown interface and made the device GSM approved.!EeBy1KiS!FO0oqn9Cmhd2 ... vxeo7c9eOE

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