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BV9000PRO no longer support?

Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:47 am

I read only month ago......

Blackview shame on you!!!

After no answer on mail and your Homepage, i will do unsupport all Products of Blackview.After BV6000 (Screen and USB connector) i get the BV8000 PRO (Screen and USB- Connector and Mic)then "Two" BV9000 PRO, Both Screen defects after using for nearly 6 Month.......

You make only scrap!!! I will never buy from You.You are a shame for the mobile industry.Hope soon somebody kick you out of the market......

Sorry but if you had a good support, i would understand.....But what you do is nothing then making money with selling srcap and then dissapear with support....

I am out!!!

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