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Dead spots on touchscreen, new phone out of the box

Tue Apr 03, 2018 4:51 pm

Received a new BV9000 Pro from GearBest. The phone came w/o the sim card tray, out of a sealed box. After 2 weeks of no response from GearBest, and an email from Blackveiw saying 'Sorry, we do not have any trays, contact the reseller', I just made the tray myself out of a piece of metal, and was able to, finally, set up the phone.

Within minutes, I discovered that there were several dead spots on the touchscreen. In Portrait mode, letters i and n of the virtual keyboard do not work. In landscape mode, other letters get affected. Tried different sizes, no effect, some letters always get affected. The screen seems to have a 'dull sound' in the middle, as opposed to the edges, as if the seal is incomplete. Tried to factory-reset following instructioins I found on the web (volume UP + power) and got a menu with 8-10 items in Chinese.

Is there a workaround this? Can I rotate the screen by 180 degs and hope there are no dead spots on the top part of the screen? By now, I have wasted so much time hack on this phone that I might as well keep it, too much hassle to ship it back.
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Re: Dead spots on touchscreen, new phone out of the box

Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:55 am


as for the dead spot of the touch screen,
you have to check if it is the hardware problem first.
if it is, you can return it to the seller within the warranty.
if not, please tell us your firmware version and i will report it to the tech team.
there could be software conflicts.

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