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[TUTORIAL] How to boot in Recovery Mode (and perform a factory reset)

Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:02 pm

How to boot in Recovery Mode

1) Switch off your device by pressing and holding down the Power button and, when prompted, tap on Power off. If unable to tap on Power off, simply keep holding down the Power button for several seconds until the device turns off.

2) Press and HOLD Volume+ button, then, witohut releasing such button, press and HOLD the Power button until the Blackview logo appears. As soon as the Blackview logo appears, STOP HOLDING the Power button but KEEP HOLDING the Volume+ button until the wrecked android robot with the "No command" text appears.

3) Now press and HOLD Power button, then, without releasing such button, press ONLY ONCE the Volume+ button. Now release the Power button.

You should see the Android system recovery options' list at the top of the screen.
Use the Volume buttons to highlight/select the options and the Power button to confirm the one you want.

Some useful options to select are:

- Reboot system now: this option will restart the device normally.

- Wipe data/factory reset: this option will wipe all of your data — photos, videos, music, apps, everything — and return your phone to its original factory condition. This will also wipe the cache partition. It's recommended expecially after a ROM update or to fix some bad problems.

- Wipe cache partition: this option will delete temporary system data, only related to app installations: you will not lose any personal data or settings. Wiping the cache partition can sometimes fix issues and device slowdowns.

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