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[OFFICIAL ROMs] BV8000Pro official ROMs download links, changelogs and update methods

Mon Jul 24, 2017 11:05 am

In this thread you will find official ROM download links and some tips about update methods for the BV8000Pro device.


Read carefully:

ROM files are uploaded on and available for download. If you encouter troubles using the website, you can try to download ROM files using the program JDownloader.

Before updating your device to a new firmware version, we suggest to backup your data (also using the stock Google backup feature).

You can update your device by the Over the Air (OTA) feature, by local file update or by flashing it direct to any version using a PC.

--- OTA Update: Go to "Settings>About phone>Wireless Update>Check for updates. ALL public versions will be published by OTA Update, anyway this method can sometimes be not available for some devices. After doing an upgrade by OTA, should follow the below steps, then the phone can be working well. Settings--apps--launcher 3--storage--clear data and clear cache)

--- Local Update: Save ZIP-File to your phone storage and select it at "Settings>About phone>Wireless Update>...-Menu>Local updates".
Note: sorry but local update isn't working properly at the moment. This issue is being investigated!

--- Flashing: refer this thread for a simple flashing tutorial
Please be sure to understand everything. Making mistakes while flashing could brick your device!

Please Remember that after each update (OTA, local or flash) you should perform a factory reset to avoid strange issues


Official ROMs versions, download links, and changelogs:

Officially fixed/mitigated the second part of the sudden reboot issue and improved some translations.!jaQACJzD!JMaK-8MdYiOc ... 4Co6rGe0A4

Officially fixed/mitigated the first part of the sudden reboot issue and improved some translations.!kXR2zDDS!TDl0W83nC3OJ ... 5WipNRizB4

Officially fixed the second part of the battery drain issue and improved some translations.
Flash files haven't been posted and OTA update has been stopped because of major battery charge issue carried by this firmware.

Officially fixed the first part of the battery drain issue wich plagued some users.!ALYXBDxK!KCoHt3WuJ2Rn ... vYfFXGHeBw

Added face recongnition and an option to disable the PTT/SOS key.
Unofficially started to fix the battery drain issue wich plagued some users.!wGpWmCbD!eUFH3aAvb8yD ... QHbinVsJmU

Fixed the camera issues: camera gets red colours as pink and lack of HDR option for the back camera.
WARNING: Please remember that after flashing this firmware, downgrading to a previous firmware version will brick your device.
Don't downgrade to previous firmwares!!IWJjiYDZ!hnXb-2fC7exS ... xsIwAcKbYQ

OTA Update only.

Fixed the blur issue while taking long distance photos.!tGgnXIia!AITcSq9KOvFh ... wGFRDNwkJI

Fixed Waze and google pay issues.!8HoXkD6A!wdawC1oCPjYW ... UHlOMbmeWo

Fixed the camera blur issue.!IfRUyTYK!79mgMoIrpi5G ... LtLqrK5AAY

Fixed the insensitive back button issue.!oHIWXJJB!CbSR-3ODFI15 ... szidi57REA (File only for flashing, Local-file-update don't work)

Fixed a camera focus issue.!BHhA0IrA!UCjPq7vLbv8M ... L_hy5Ko8W0

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