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[SOLVED] Too stupid to fix the reboot error

Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:48 am

are those at Blackview too stupid
to fix the reboot error
That can not be that for months the mistake is not found
there you order one USB board and it does not help costs money too
I would like to send the device back
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Re: Too stupid to fix the reboot error

Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:25 am

1) Fixing an issue like the reboot issue is not easy, as it doesn't affect *constantly* ALL devices but *sometimes* a minor part of them.
Tech team is aware of this issue, but a definitive fix, if can be granted, may take some time, as i always stated.

2) Tech team found that a faulty charging board is part of the issue.
No other details were given about the reason behind it, wich revision number is affected and so on. They are still studying the issue.

3) NOBODY officially advised you to start randomly buying charing boards to replace the equipped one, considering also that no infos about the relation between revision number and reboot issue have been given. If you still want to do it, take your risk and don't complain if your tests lead to nothing else a part from losing money.
I always stated that if you don't want to wait for a fix, you should contact your seller for a replacement under warranty. It will be the easyest and safest way.

4) There's no reason to open another thread about the reboot issue, as another bigger thread is still going on:

To conclude, i reccomend you to start reading more than you write on this forum.

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