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[USEFUL] Headphones mode after getting wet

Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:47 pm

Every time my phone gets wet it stuck with earpones on until its dry and usually i have to perform a factory reset (no ip68 at all).
I´ve bought it via amazon to saler-lee-shop on nov 15 (Order# 113-8080615-1646668). I´ve contacted them and they told me they spoke with you with no solution to this. Can I do something to have an ip68 phone?
Also, every time I´ve tried to contact you I´m receiving a no email sent problem from the site
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Re: bv 8000 every time phone gets wet it stuck with earphones on (no ip68 at all)

Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:48 pm

Hi there!

What you call an "issue", it's actually quite normal.
The BV8000PRO actually IS IP68 as it will not let water or dust get INSIDE the main body.
Both the 3,5 jack port and the USB-C port are sealed towards the main body, or your device wouldn't have survived :D

The comfort of not having to hassle with port plugs/cover for these ports, and the fact that these ports have anyway to grand connection, leads to this little "issue".
Just dry the 3.5 jack port and wait for it to be completely dry ;)
While you wait for the port to dry, use the app Soundabout to bypass the headphones mode (so you can use your device speakers without problems).

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