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Local Update problems

Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:31 am

Dear Blackview team,

I have a BV 7000 PRO with Android 6.0, and I want to update it to Android 7.0.

I waited for the OTA-Update, but the latest update (and the current rom) is: BV7000_PRO_Blackview_20170523-191854, and it said "Your device's software is currently up to date".
I found a forum with "Offical ROM download links", it writes "OTA updates not available for some devices".
So I trying with Local Update with the BV7000_PRO_Blackview_20170622 update.
I downloaded the BV7000_PRO_Blackview_20170622 to upgrade from 6.0 to 7.0, BUT it's not working to Local Update!
1st: It is a .rar file, not a .zip, so the updater software not found it.
2nd: I extracted the the .rar file, make zip from the extracted folder. - Only turn off the phone, after 5-10 min update, but starting with Android 6.0.
3th: I make zip from the content of the extracted folder content only. - Same. (turn off, install, stay android 6.0)
4th: I change the extension of original .rar file to .zip (rename it). - Same. (turn off, install, stay android 6.0)

Every time I placed the file in the root of the phone storage. I use the phone with two sim card, so no SD card in the phone.

At this point I run out of ideas.
I think maybe the file is corrupted, but I can't check the checksum, because you not write this information in the topic.

I know there is a third option, the flashing, but this is not a user friendly option, and I have linux.
There is linux version of SP Flash Tool, but not from MT65xx USB VCOM DRIVERS.

Maybe there is az option, to start the phone in recovery mod and install the .rar from recovery mode?

Best regards,
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Re: Local Update problems

Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:30 pm

I am sorry, that update is not possible over Local file.
For changing from Android 6 to 7 flashing is the only possible solution.

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