Official ROM download links

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Official ROM download links

Postby blackview_admin » Thu Jul 13, 2017 8:05 am

In this thread we are publishing the download links of official ROM releases for BV7000 PRO.

Download: If you have trouble using the you can try software like JDownloader 2 for download.
Backup: We suggest to save a backup of your data before updating to a new version.
Update: Update can be make Over the Air (OTA) and by local file update (both step by step) or fy flashing over a PC (direct to any version).
- OTA-Update: Go to "Settings>About phone>Wireless Update>Check for updates. ALL public versions will be published by OTA Update, anyway this method can sometimes be not available for some devices.
- Local Update: Save ZIP-File to your phone storage and select it at "Settings>About phone>Wireless Update>...-Menu>Local updates".
- Flashing: Here you find a Tutorial for flashing ROMs. Please be sure to understand everything. Making mistakes while flashing could brick your device. Attention: On some Windows PCs you may need to delete Chinese letters (only if existing) from the folder name to make flashing work.

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