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Re: CPU Speculative Execution Attack Methods vulnerability fix

Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:21 am

You really expect a fix for the issues?
Didn't you learn in the period owning the device that Blackview already got what they wanted? Your money...
They don't plan for customers binding to their brand because they realized, athat this would cost serious money because they would have to provide SERVICE...

Everything which is not fixed by Blackview_Admins general recipe - reset to factory and update to latest ROM - will be very hard to fix as it would involve a developer and they seem to not have these but just have a contract with a company writing some software but not adhering to the simplest development rules, so basically a bunch of amateurs... :lol:

I mainly use the device now for reading news in the pool and to convince people asking me about waterproof phones not to buy a Blackview :mrgreen:
A happy customer tells it to 3 others, a unhappy customer tells it to 10 others - the power of word of mouth!
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Re: CPU Speculative Execution Attack Methods vulnerability fix

Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:02 pm

Thanks Derk, I know it ... but this "bbs" is a proof of what they do and what they don't ....
This can be used by other people to know which is the situation about the Blackview service support to customer ...

In addition I will use all this information even when I have to decide which phone to buy next time ... :lol:

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