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Theming/Theme Engine

Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:21 pm


I'm searching for an answer on this topic for quite a while now and to be honest I'm quite surprised that there's nothing i could find.

I know the BV7000 Pro has a "Theme app" (i found it to be either "HctThemeShow.apk"(+.odex) or "theme-res-Normal.apk" (+.odex) ) which lists the stock theme but i haven't yet found a way to add other themes or to edit the stock one. In particular, I'd very much like to change the quicksettings and settings icons, because i just don't like them. I tried substratum and its working except for those icons.
Is it possible to somehow replace the stock theme engine? Or to edit the stock theme? Or maybe i just have to move the right themes to the right folder? Or maybe there are themes that apply but i haven't found them?

Please help me out here as it's driving me nuts right now.

In case it's important:
I'm on android 7.0 and my phone is rooted.

Thank you very much in advance!
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Re: Theming/Theme Engine

Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:45 pm

I can not give help in such changes on rooted phones but maybe other users can help.

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