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How to completely unroot a phone (blackview p2) rooted with superSU

Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:49 pm

Blackview p2 comes rootable through a signed internal superSU binary ( settings -> about phone -> 7 taps on "build number" to enter developer mode -> activate root in developer mode and enter the code 252258439 when prompted -> reboot)

I prefer magisk as a rooting binary because of the many advanatges it has over other traditional rooting methods (superSU , superuser kingo root , kig root etc)

If you root your blackview p2 through the internal superSU binary provided through their rooting method - and you unroot later (through the unrooting method provided and the superSU app) - YOUR boot.img REMAINS PATCHED.

Unrooting does not unpatch the BOOT.IMG file (I experimented with both a superSU unrooting binary zip file you flash through twrp , and through the superSU app) and so other root binaries like magisk cannot be flashed (they need the unpatched boot.img file).
So I did the next simple thing , I reflashed ONLY the boot.img file from the ROM through the sp flash tool and everything worked

The latest sp flah tool

So , after unrooting superSU with which ever method you use , you have to reflash the boot.img file too .

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