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"Selfie" camera crashes whern you try to use it!

Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:43 pm

I have Android 6 (marshmallow) installed on my Blackview P2 but am plagued with a number of persistent bugs - this post is about one of the major issues regarding the use of the rear facing or "selfie" camera/(in other words the camera that is on the same side as the screen).
The other camera works okay but if I touch the switch camera icon the screen immediately freezes and the camera application itself crashes eventually.
No other application that makes use of the camera can then function and the only way to restore any use of the camera is to reboot the phone.
I have read elsewhere in the forum that the Blackview version of Android 6 has a conflict with the google app and the recommendation was to disable it.
To help illustrate the camera problem more explicitly I have used an app that allows me to both record my screen and my voice at the same time. The video can be viewed here
Simply put that didn't work and the problem persists. Other problems I have in using this phone (they may or may not all have the same common cause) include:-
1. Google Maps - If I have already used Google Maps during any single boot session and I then try to use it again it will allow that but it will not update my current location if I then try to use that feature (which I use a LOT esp. when travelling) in other words I get a "grey dot" instead of a live "blue dot". Again the only way I have found to resolve this issue is to reboot the phone.
2. Google Play Store - again if I have used the Google Play Store previously during any single boot session I get an error message indicating an uncertain login status - it also provides a "Retry" button but repeated rety's have absolutely no effect. Once again the only way I have found to resolve that issue is to reboot the phone.
3. Arriva Bus App. - This app is very useful to me as I am not a car driver and rely very much on public transport - most of this apps functions work but not the live map function which gives me an error message saying that i need to give it location permissions which I have ALREADY done - unfortunately rebooting the phone doesn't clear the issue this time.
Clearly there is at least one major conflict with the customised version of Android 6 and Google - not being able to use the selfie camera at all plus the other 3 issues above is not something I can shrug off easily and ignore.
I really like the Blackview P2 in terms of it's feature set for what I think is a very reasonable price and unlike some reviewers I really like the customised gold themed skin you have made for it so I would like to stay with this phone and this brand but I have tried to get answers from your Facebook page to my issues and I have already previously posted details including a video I made emphasising the camera problem but got a message telling me my post was put into moderation - as I said nothing abusive and even made a video to illustrate my issue as you recommend I was confident that my post would soon appear in the Forum even if I didn't get any answers right away. Well that was on September 27th and 5 days later not only is my post still not included on your forum but looking in my control panel on logging in it is claimed I have never made any posts at all!
I know errors can be made so I will not assume bad faith just yet. This time though as a precaution I am saving a draft of my post plus screenshots so that I can save myself the bother of having to write out all these details again and also to escalate the issue to your upper management should this post get moderated as well.
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Re: "Selfie" camera crashes whern you try to use it!

Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:16 am

update to the latest firmware to solve bugs.
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Re: "Selfie" camera crashes whern you try to use it!

Fri Oct 20, 2017 3:35 pm

Hi lenfirewood,

did the selfie cam work before at any point in time?

If so, it would be advisable to perform a factory reset first. But please note that all your data and setting will get lost. So in that case try to save your data first. It could be that some other APP block the camera as libraries of the cam are typically shared in Android.

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