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Blackview E7 service

Sun Feb 05, 2017 5:16 pm

Purchases phone blackview E7 through aliexpress Rain-Bow mobile phone shop store
( ... 0.0.RsKihI ).
after a few hours using the phone off. Pinot (+) battery was sucked inside and no contact with the battery
because the phone does not include any now.
I contacted the seller to meet me to find a connector - I have sought neither money nor telephone,
somehow disinterested.
Here - I am from Macedonia, I contacted ASSA Electronic, it is a service of NET AMACO who your representatives.
Short replied that service closed for phones purchased from abroad or from their partner does not match.
I do not seek security only looking to replace my jack of my expense.
During the time I worked phone pleased him a great product and I want to use it.
I do not know how to understand not helpfulness of prodavakjite and services that boast as agents and dealers
for a particular brand and instantly turn their backs.
It is not for the benefit of customers and mostly not in your favor.
Tomorrow to decide again to buy a product that I see is great and I braked service and support for it
that seems not your fault.
I had to complain to me such an operation is wrong deters buyers.
Now I am looking for another service that will let me tidy up the phone so I can use it.
Yet no one has not opened, holidays and these days are starting to work.
I hope you understand my complaint,
I hate to make him a problem the seller did not dispute opened let you take all your money work for them.
But all are deaf special service of which does not require collateral but only to service your phone and pay for the service.
Thanks and happy holidays.

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