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Issue wifi toggle WiFi after BV6000s_Blackview_20170711

Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:52 pm


After update to rom BV6000S_T_BLACKVIEW_20170605_20170711-1027 with SP Flash Tool,

No problem to boot, all features are OK


We have a mobile app in my company with feature of automatic data transfer via WiFi, This app use WiFi feature with a toggle programmatically

With all permissions enabled with mobile app programmatically and manually from android settings :

We have error message : permission.denied com.mediatek.permission.CTA_ENABLE_WIFI

It's not a Standard Android permission but Internal Permission not linked Android.ChangeWiFiState Standard Android permission :shock: :roll:

With BV6000 ; warning not BV6000s ; with Android 7.0 and rom BV6000 20170412 no issue to Toggle WiFi programmatically !!!! :shock: :evil:

I ve been Downgraded to 20170331 version to recover feature toggle WiFi :twisted: :twisted:

we have 9 blackview (4 BV6000 and 5 BV6000s with 1 BV6000 T model ) in my company

Do you can fix this issue on next ROM update, please ?

Best regards

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