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WiFi downgrade after flashing 20171011 ROM

Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:23 am

Hi there,

I've had some performance and touch issues with my BV6000 and hoped that upgrading the old ROM would fix this. It seems that these problems are gone but are replaced by some new issues.

The WiFi connection no longer supports WPA2, the only connection possible is WPA.
After a while the connection seems to freeze and although the indicator on the screen indicates that data is beeing send and receive all communication stops. At this moment if I reconnect to any WiFi network, the connection will be made but there is no internet access.

"WifI connected, no internet"

Is this a known issue? Rebooting my phone helps, after a reboot, I can make a connection again.
Is it correct that WPA2 is not supported?

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