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7.0 fallback to 6.0 - SIM not loading

Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:50 pm

tried flashing 7.0 nougat on BV6000 and rooting it with TWRP and SuperSU. Great tutorials here, surprised how open BV is about all the stuff :) All went fine, but after some time i decided to go back to 6.0, at least for some time.
However, now when I flash back to 6.0, phone will not recognize the SIM card (tried both slots). Tried wiping cache / hard reset, not helping.

6.0 versions tried:
20161216_s12v55_jk_3m (flashed after 2016082)
20161108_s12v55_jk_3m (found it somewhere on NeedRom, etc)

all seem to work at first glance, just not loading the SIM. As soon as I flash Nougat (not touching the SIM card) SIM loads.

Would also like to try 20161216 (that should be the latest stable 6.0, right?), but Im not able to load it into SPFT, scatter file error. Tried loading it with scatter from 20160822, flash went trough, but android will not load (stuck at BV logo).
Should I try flashing 20160822, and then local update to 20161011, and if that doesn't help then 20161025? (do they have to be done in order, can they be skipped and just the newest one used?)
If nothing else, would full procedure for hard bricked phone help here (viewtopic.php?f=142&t=128401)? It still uses the 20160822 ROM... kinda afraid of this procedure)

Appreciate all the time and advice, if you would have any! :) ...Did I miss anything? At first it was fun, now its kind of... less fun :) Or just be stuck with Nougat from now on?

SPFT version 5.1716
phone data attached

thx for your time! :) Martin
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Re: 7.0 fallback to 6.0 - SIM not loading

Thu Sep 14, 2017 12:39 pm

I can not give official help for rooted devices with third party recovery ..but had you checked if the IMEI is deleted? Can be rewritten in that case.

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